The Future Elite Academy is on a mission to make change. Creating a space for student athletes to perfect their mental and physical craft has allowed The Future Elite Academy to create a unified academic and athletic experience. 

Specializing in an age group commonly overlooked, our student athletes are made up of 7th, 8th, and 8th grade reclassification student athletes putting their best foot forward both academically and athletically.

Utilizing our online tutortial provider, Enlightium Academy, along with in-person tutors, students are able to customize their academic experience based on their own learning level. Smaller class sizes allow tutors to offer student athletes more personalized instruction and a customized learning experience.

More unique is our alternative curriculum, Game After The Game, feauturing specialized lessons merging traditional and 21st century learning material as well as stimulating mental and emotional growth. 

The foundation to our approach lies in cultivating a set of values shared by all and building a strong sense of community. Matched by a commitment to excellence on & off the field, rooted in positive and supportive relationships between students, staff, and parents, we have created an environment conducive to all, bringing the very best out of a student’s mind, body and character.

Above: A quick tour of our academy building and tutorial space including 8 “break-away” rooms for personalized learning space.

Above: Follow “A day in the life” of our 8th grade reclassification student-athletes as they tell your their favorite parts of the day and give next years 8th grade reclassification students some advice on being a student-athlete at The Future Elite Academy.



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